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Borderlands 2 Angel costume, help make it happen

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 4, 2012, 9:18 PM
  • Listening to: Fight Like Apes
  • Reading: new 52 superman
  • Watching: American Horror Story
  • Playing: Borderlands
  • Eating: crisps
  • Drinking: LOTS of water
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You've all seen me posting about Cosplay Shinkou and getting subscriptions, so I figure why not explain the full situation to you all. There is a staff contest that who ever gets the most subscriptions gets a cash prize. Obviously I'd owe it to you all for helping me out, so here is my plan; my next cosplay from Borderlands 2 is Angel, wings and all. The cash prize would provide me the funds to finally make it and I'll do a easy to follow wing tutorial for the magazine if I win. If I do not win this contest, this costume will be seriously set back and may not happen for up to another year or more, if ever.

Subscriptions come in different prices 3 months, 6 months, one year, or a lifetime subscription. If you'd like to subscribe and you live outside of the US there is an email provided on the page for international people to inquire about subscribing. but you have to do it using THIS link -> or it won't count for me. I'd really appreciate it if you guys could help me out here. ♥ And thanks for the support!

DarkSamuraiX1999 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
-__- Wish I wasn't broke.
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December 4, 2012