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More or less the short story edition of my reaction logging onto Deviant art the other day and seeing myself on the front flipping page!
I couldn't believe it I must have refreshed the page 15 times!
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who posted , Favorited, shared, and commented my work it means the world to me <3

I also had it pulled to my attention I had not updated my facebook url on here so here since I had changed it. So this is the new one :…

:D i post massive amount of additional content over there plus appearances at cons etc. check it out if you'd like or not ovo''''
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So this year has already brought to me some exceptionally promising
opportunities, and  breaking news
that this year, not only will i FINALLY be graduating from College but I'm also going to be
traveling to new con's this year for !!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33
so my convention schedual is gonna be a bit different this year :]
I'll be updating with more news about these conventions and my plans for them here:

Borderlands 2 Angel costume, help make it happen

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 4, 2012, 9:18 PM
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Expiration Date:

You've all seen me posting about Cosplay Shinkou and getting subscriptions, so I figure why not explain the full situation to you all. There is a staff contest that who ever gets the most subscriptions gets a cash prize. Obviously I'd owe it to you all for helping me out, so here is my plan; my next cosplay from Borderlands 2 is Angel, wings and all. The cash prize would provide me the funds to finally make it and I'll do a easy to follow wing tutorial for the magazine if I win. If I do not win this contest, this costume will be seriously set back and may not happen for up to another year or more, if ever.

Subscriptions come in different prices 3 months, 6 months, one year, or a lifetime subscription. If you'd like to subscribe and you live outside of the US there is an email provided on the page for international people to inquire about subscribing. but you have to do it using THIS link -> or it won't count for me. I'd really appreciate it if you guys could help me out here. ♥ And thanks for the support!

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So the fan page is crawling along at a strong  pace so i thought another contest/giveaway raffle would be in order so it dawned me why not see your talents?!  SO :D once we hit 3,000 likes on the Its Raining Neon Fan page ->… a fan art contest will be kicked off! Submit fan art of Neon in any media (painting, pencil, digital music even ! etc) of her costumes, influence, her original designs, rave outfits or even normal or comic strip form her ^^ to! subject the mail as "fan art entry" you may enter as many pieces as you would like but votes on separate pieces by the same artist will not be combined into one score! Voting will be like based and compleatly up to you all the fans! PRIZES will be announced once we hit 3,000!we can use all the promo help we can get! SO START YOUR DRAWING ENGINES!!!!

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SO! apparently the Wocc must have a cover :B /derp go figure/ well they are holding a contest for the cover model, I'd love to represent it but that rests in your hands guys and gals! HOW YOU ASK? All ya gotta do it pop over to this link and hit like o3o ! ->… i'd love to win that honor but there are so many pretty ladies i wouldn't be able to even choose personally <3333 a@ (signal boosts welcomed and appriciated!)
  • Reading: Leviathan
  • Watching: Kamen Rider Black
  • Playing: Klanoa 2
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Looks like this little lady has herself a new partner in costuming crime  starting very soon :D

can't wait! <3
  • Reading: Leviathan
  • Watching: Kamen Rider Black
  • Playing: Klanoa 2
  • Eating: apples and peanut butter
  • Drinking: LOTS of water… * (so to be perfectly clear, TO BE ELIGIBLE you must have sent at least 1$ to the paypal , shared the picture ,and liked the page on facebook, if you only have a Deviantart send at least 1$(usd) for entry, then write a journal entry about the giveaway (why you'd like it etc.) and link the photo from facebook :])


*currently the Appa outfit is sized to fit me (roughly a size medium in us. sizing and it is a ultra soft stretch material ) but i've made back up paneling for the outfit so i can tailor it to whoever wins

* no close of contest date has been decided on yet*

*Also to whom ever wins i demand pictures, i have a bit of a pet peeve for giveaways that never seem to have a actual winner.…
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without all of you i'd just be some chick running around d.c in an armored suit and heels yelling <3

I have gotten so many amazing opportunity's in the past year alone from being circulated by you all i couldn't even count them if i tried. I've been lucky enough to get to travel far more while still just in collage and have met so many other amazing and talented costumers and photographers. Its absolutely a dream come true, i honestly hope my continued work can still impress you all for years to come. <3

it means the world to have all your support and the general thank you's i give you in answer to all of your supportive comments never feels like they quite enough to cover to how much it means to me. thank you all<3

and just in case that didn't make you feel warm and fuzzy here's a cute puppy in a sweater :B->… <3
got a lot of GREAT opportunitys and shoots with great photographers and other artists this month and just wanted to put up a big thank you to all of them. Also i made a sort of fan page/ artistically focused page for my work that'll have more in between interaction than here on deviant,…
<-  fallow  if ya'd like :D i'll post progress pictures, how too's, future shoots, where i'll pop up at cons, and other shinanigins <3
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ello gents'

i always large gaps of time between my journal entries but just popping up to say there is gonna be a bit of a break from "smaller" cosplays showing up here after i finish posting pictures from my last 3 shoots this past weekend.

Im starting work on a cosplay that will hopefully be setting the stage for the amount of  work that will be put into my cosplay from now on. the goal is a cosplay from Diablo 3 for katsucon, wont tell you what class cus that ruins the surprise,

  but i'm pretty excited :3
in the event that my collage classes ruin this cosplay by not allotting me the needed time via lots of homework// rave outfit comission over load etc.etc. i'll be sure to mention it here i suppose? o3o
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So this gurl ::points at self:: will only bore you all breifly but im on a mission >:3

i entered this national contest for "Otaku House." Up until entering i'd never heard about it in my life and did it on a whim
but upon being told i probably dont know enough people to actually win being as these are apparently a bit "cattie" in nature i was determined to actually try now.
I want to prove a good cosplayer who might not know everyone but still has talent can still win these events

your part you ask?


click that link up there;

one = *like* = one vote :3

<thank you all 333333333
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so i thought after i debuted all me new costumes at otakon my life might actually calm down a bit ^^'
apparently i was more than mistaken xD.

By the by otakon was a blast met alot of amazing people and saw some beautiful cosplays and once home i was afraid to not keep up with my facebook...300 alerts and 50 friend request was a bit much o-o; but all and all i loved every minute and miss everyone already <3.

   Its a madhouse around here with midterms for summer quarter all ready here,
baltimore comic con to prep a power girl cosplay for*no funds to start D:*
and alot of stress from work ;x;
gotta fit visiting the male in there somewhere but even that situation is in hot water :/


well on a plus i LOVE my school deffinely watched kick ass in our midterm prep class xD
midterms which btw is all charater development sheets
ohhhhh animation teachers how i love you

:3 stressing and worried but having a blast
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  • Eating: bad cosplays
  • Drinking: my pride
ok so i have a little rant i need to get out of my system,
i've heard from about 12 people, (and counting) that are making a taokaka for otakon.
now i think its AWSOME they wanta take it on, but i was really hopping tao wouldnt become one of those
over done cosplays, guess its enevatable with her cuteness and all :x
so im all butt hurt fan right now over that xD
BUT that aside
alot of cons comin my way here soon, world fair, anime next and of course OTAKON, aka cosplay doomsday.
I being how i am decided to up the anti again and take on something people havent givin a shot yet
im pretty excited x3
the good news is im gonna BLAZ SOME BLUE COSPLAY again this otakon.
but that all im sayin ;3
it's gonna surprise alot of people
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is figuring out how to throw yourself at the ground and miss  ಠ_ಠ
ok :3 so it's been a while,
though if you read or fallow these at all im sure you've noticed i never seem to bother you all with my ravid journal/blogging to begin with,
and instead of blaming it on lack of time, i guess we'll juat say i've been too busy making art for you allllll 8D * cough*lies*cough*  ಠ_ಠ
^^ so all formallities aside i've found lately i have a huge networking addiction, this probly has something to do with Kermit my new laptop never had one before but now i have internet EVERYWHEREEEEEE owo including class where i end up quoting little insaine art school quipps to my different network pages.
only problem here is i have the pages time and now the laptop but xD no one to blog to ... awsome xD
this speeks highly of my internet networking abilites no?
but if your curiousas to my daily shinnanigins feel free:

on a side bar i was finally forced into a bloggin mood due to the fact that they closed our student loudge, so instead of being IN the loudge playing video games were outside of it bruding in the hall talking about playing video games >_>; its kinda sad xD

also made an amazing discovery in the libray we have a dvd isle with all movies pretty much ever 8D and a huge video game isle HOMGEWRGWBRYJNBVFCXQWEARDGHYJMIGOTOANERDYSCHOOL :3 they keep their nerds happy here xD
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  • Playing: BlazBlue
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  • Drinking: bleach...again &gt;3&gt;
well its 3 in the morning and im still procrastinating some of my final touches on my cosplay work and i decided its really no time like the present for that fresh blog smell *inhale*
;D ohhh yeahhh early monday mornings
hah but yes quite to the contrary unless there is a good reason to be up i try and avoid being an early bird, how ever with otakon on its was with in 3 days i have plenty of reasons to be pulling inhuman sleeping habits. xD
my boss at work is still trying to figure out how i am alive on so little sleep ( .3. she has clearly never tried to live a con schedual for a weekend)
All this aside i figured i'd leave a little life update for those who read these things,
ok for one im employed :D woo this was an older development actually but one im really happy about
two, i resolved to finish two BluzBlue cosplays for Otakon and have had success x3! plus i made a costume for Taylor <3 :3 who's also going it was a quick something but from here out it'll be awsome group cosplays forever xD. im looking forward to getting to show them off quite a bit ^^ plus i found out a friend of mine Jay is making a jin cosplay x3 so we'll be prancing about together on friday at otakon loving the photographer attention (this is of course assuming he somehow finishes in time). I remain single :D hizah! but i feel like its getting harder to stay this way ;x; why can't they leave me alone for a bit? anywho! I start collage at the art instatue in october and i can't wait!!!x3!
over all life is as grand as i can make it :3 oh and
UH MICHEAL JACKSON IS DEAD... k dats cool lets move on.
UH BILLY MAYS IS DEAD EH? k just means I'm going to use his icon more often
Anyone else wanna die? Huh? No? Kay just checking.

ah and the fun new development a group of people here have started something called CosplayBitchSlap
:3 which is basicly a large cosplay group that won't get its reputaion from its photoshoots or apperences at cons all over but rather youtube comedy video's about con's all over xD we are a group of critiques which also means we take a quality level to everything we will do, i can't wait to finally get that in full swing.
but yes theres a little update on life for everyone now im gonna go upstairs and attach some claws to my taokaka paws :3
  • Listening to: Taokaka's voice so i can learn it
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  • Watching: Jay panic over not having his cosplays done
  • Playing: with my renissance fair costume
  • Eating: dirty socks &gt;_&gt;
  • Drinking: alot of crystal light
  • Listening to: Howls moving Castle soundtrack n.n
  • Reading: :D the french dictionary
  • Watching: FGHJKL WATCHMAN!!!!!one11!!! x3
  • Playing: with steam punk style
  • Eating: * filter feeding * &gt;_&gt; new hobby ...
  • Drinking: hydrogen bonded oxygen atoms :d
All right! hurry for that new blog smell :B

So as of late i have had alot of projects in mind and some have begun to take wind :3 * horrible air pirate pun intended*,since katsucon i have planned a crazed speed cosplay making rampage for the un-released game BlazBlue (all guilty gear fans HAVE GOT to check this game out its hawtttttt), and i have developed a much more intense love for steampunk, culture and style which means im also working on a steam punk outfit ^^' hehe good news there is its almost done o.o mainly cus i had almost all of what i needed to make it :3 and which brings me to the next part of the busy-ness that is me resently,
my school, surprisingly, normally im not huge on doing artistic favors for my school >_>' but a favored teacher of mine i had last year for english asked me to start a comic series for the school paper,and well i guess his persistance over two years has paid off because i finally agreed. This is where my breif steampunk rant comes into play, well after i agreed i realised i had no vuage idea what it would be about, till my steam punk doodles gave me an idea, that when Eva Elmstone, Shira Culph,and Lila Prescott became my first good dynamic charater designs in months xD so i have decided on them to be the driving force in my comic strips tho im sure to add more characters later.

~Ah warning anything from here on is useless popycoc unless you want to know about the comic's story line~

The atmosphere of the comic so far is that it all takes place in a steam punk victorian era, Eva is the piolt of the Zylphia ( her airship) she is an inventor with an elaborately creative mind that can tend to get her in trouble when put with her boundless sense of adventure ,she is from an aristocratic family tho she never looks or acts above anyone. Shira Van Culph is also a piolt tho shipless untill he joined Eva when she passed through the desert near his crash site, he has a bit of a chip on his sholder but is all around helpful, He is an adventurer and never likes to lose to anyone he lives to see the world and new sights. Lila is a dainty and proper victorian girl who most pleases herself with hats and dresses of a almost ornate fashion, she looks down on many who she see's unworthy of her respect and firmly belives rules are there to be obeyed, tho on the other hand she is also the ship's weapon taction, specialist, mechanic, and inspector who has a favordom for large scale weaponry that you only have to fire once to get the job done, and has about as much personallity as a dead poodle.

and thats what i've got so far xD
very broad and wiley charaters :B im excited
but yes hopefully i'll be posting the comics on here soon
ah and i named it SteamPunk
:3 offically copyrighted woot!! 3-4-09
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  • Drinking: Human Horse power liquifid :D all at the same time
wooo! ok so Katsucon is gonna be a whole big deal for me im cosplaying as Pelinair from Disgaea and am so amped up i can hardly sleep and i still have about a moth till the con it's self o.o''. Tho its probly i good thing i do so i have time to make the 3 different disgaea cosplays for it, one for Kelly ( cosplaying: Flonne) one for Shawn ( cosplaying: Adell) and one for myself their props, but yeah im making all of them from scratch all by my lonesum cus of their lack of sewing skills <3 the only other disgaea cosplayer in your group is Camille who's cosplaying the theif and im totally pumped to see it x3 guh can't wait i'll probly make a video while im there and take tons of photos x3 but the amount of excitement i have already made keeping my head on midtearms this past week almost unbearable D:but they are done as of yesterday so i can drift along in my overly exhubulent mind as i please ^^ wooooooohooooooo.
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yes FINALLY TWO days before exams I UPDATED !!!!!!!!!


im pretty sure i thought i'd never see the day xD
tho i didn't post as much as i thought i would
so as you can see i was playing with the lighting a little more and am now using a spot light to take the pictures which im likeing more cus you can get a better feel for the brightness of the colors i use :3

i have a few other new drawings stashed away for after exams
which are coming up here next week x~x <-getting the nerves-
but im hoping i'll do well

as far as katsucon goes i actually can stay from sat. to sund. as long as there are no more surprise changes in planning x_x
my khularha cosplay is a slow work tho i made her bow and skirt a while back and my aba is going sadly about the same pace i need to step it up xD tho i did find the wig im gonna use :B
but time is crunched with my other work so its unfortunetly at the bottem of importance

buh~ now i need to go run off and finish my project on delaware :D
there is nothing awsome there- lamest- project- EVER
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first time i typed this devient went al PLEHH on me
so we try again -.-'
. .' so it has come to my attention after a good pelting of starbursts from aryn that i need to update ^^'
i have finished one and  a half new sketch books with work and thats not counting sewing work i've done x.x and i had a slight drawing style change .
so thee is a lot to put up here soon  :3
but with me saving to go to Katsucon and working on my grades and cosplays im a little busy x_x'
plus the fact that dreaded mid-tearms should be here in 2 weeks and i need to pass them with good grades this year to boost my class grades to all A's and B's so i can go.

bahhh busy busy busy
i need a subscription -_-'
all hail salzar!