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diablo your az is mine by Its-Raining-Neon diablo your az is mine by Its-Raining-Neon
as a little footer (buhdum tis) i feel i should add a comment about the foot adornment choice here, nope, heel's were not practical for this design and lord knows no demon hunter i know would go runnin off to end diablo in those, luckly for me tho the only place i'm running in these to is conventions. I picked heeled boots for two main reasons: one, im short D:' but more IMPORTANTLY for reason two: accuracy, believe it or not, the demon hunter art i based this off has a LOT of boot detail nuzzled up to that calf/ ankle armor, i really wanted to show off accuracy but at the same time im so short and my feet are so small the details would be SWALLOWED up by the armor. So into the picture come the heels, i noticed for the art's sake she's stepping forward and thought i only know one kinda shoe that can do that and show off that detail too.

so here we are with the heels

Anna Fischer's lovely photography grabbing the first best full body shot of the armor <33 it was tricky getting over to the rocks in this hulking thing but well worth it
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horror13horror Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012
l-o-v-e- it <3
pshbling Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012

I cosplay but this...This puts me to shame.
Fantastic work.
tazzd Featured By Owner May 22, 2012
Wonderful Outfit!
j3llyChan Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012  Student
You're an amazing cosplayer!! *o*
what did you use for the armor? I'm trying to make one too but wonderflex is killing me xD
Its-Raining-Neon Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012  Student Artist
used eva mats but they, in my opinion, are far more of a hassle than wonder felx x-x;;;; it was just the more financially do able solution for me at the time
CrystalPanda Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I'm not sure I told you that but you were so amazing in Katsucon!! I admire you for that cosplay :heart:
Shadowrune69 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012
Gorgeous shot of your amazing work! This armour is just outstanding. And I understand where you're coming from with the heels, sometimes the right shoes for the outfit are the "wrong" ones, but kudos for making it work!
ianmsquee Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012
Awesome! :iconahoyplz:
Ollons Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012
The amount of effort put into the construction of and wearing of that outfit must have been exceedingly impressive. Well done!
XanKriegor Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012
im guessin' you used to be an adventure... but then you took an arrow to the.. shoulder?

Anyway, Outstanding work!
GammoGahato Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2012
askdjflaksdjf WHY YOU NO MAKE EPIC TITLE? D:
Its-Raining-Neon Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2012  Student Artist
;-; given that i have no much more than the beta i don't have much to go off for good titling D:
#will step up muh game
Its-Raining-Neon Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2012  Student Artist
fixed xD
GammoGahato Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2012
Why not like Diablo III - Prepare
or something
sdlfkjadf LMAO your az is mine. . goddammit Deanna xDDD
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February 21, 2012
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