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Poison -Street Fighter by Its-Raining-Neon Poison -Street Fighter by Its-Raining-Neon
Poison is the only Street Fighter character in Street Fighter X Tekken to have not appeared as a playable character in previous Street Fighter games until her first canon debut in Ultra Street Fighter IV, incidentally the happiest of my lil street fighter dweeb days 

Poison - Street Fighter/Final Fight
Costume made, modeled and photographed by -Its Raining Neon
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NinjaJaffaCake Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
You make a badass Poison! Awesome cosplay! :D Poison rocks! :D 
KohakuJSMA Featured By Owner May 6, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What's your height?
martenas Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015
Love this one. Out of the whole set it shows off those amazing thighs of yours. And poison is all about that ridiculously, righteously, shapely bod.
SaintOfTheDragons Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
The ironic part of this whole affair has to be that technically Poison is a dude.

Just throwing that out there. :stare:
martenas Featured By Owner Edited Jan 22, 2015
This is a female what you said is a moot point....sorry Stare

Besides, thats not canon :) They passively added that BS as text (in a last minute ditch effort) to make it ok to hit her. Which is so wrong on so many levels, was a cheap cop-out, and was a socially insensitive move on their part. Since then Capcom has, wisely, left all of this ambiguous not officially taking a stance on anything, and leaving it up to fans... and just having fun with it. Which is whats poison is about.
SaintOfTheDragons Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
It really isn't. I was talking about Poison the character.

Wow, really? It's odd that they would add non-canon at all after the fact, but even so why not just release it as official? The company really has no need to be so shady.
Could I see a resource or citation for the information you just gave me? I always like to back it up with authority.
martenas Featured By Owner Edited Jan 22, 2015
The model photographed in this image is infact a woman. So she is not “a trap”! ;)
Shes real, shes all woman, and you bet your ass that a large number of straight guys(and maybe some not so straight women) would feel damn lucky to end up with such a woman. In this context…you are incorrect.

But can i bring your attention to something? "Its a trap" …is an insensitive meme which insults the LGBT community for two reasons. First off, lots of  transgender women see them selves as just that ...women, not “as traps”. They are human beings with feelings. Secondly... that it is, by default, seen as undesirable to find a potential transgender woman as on a physical level. If Jamie Lee Curtis came out tomorrow and said " the rumors were right, i was born with both genatalia" id be were still hot in true lies !

Resouce: A simple Google search on poison or roxy (streetfighter) will provide you with adequate detail on the "Poison controversy". You’ll either get the streetfighter wiki, or her official Wikipedia page first. To save time, essentially they say the same thing... it's inconclusive:

Poison was officially a woman in the first released version of Final Fight. But for overseas realease, one of the creators of the game left a defamatory remark  (newtype)when trying to pass the female character (poison) off to American markets as “really a guy”, so that feminist groups wouldn’t get pissed that men were beating up women(this was before chun-li). Ironically, this wasn’t enough and so Americans poison was turned into a male character named sid. Its also ironic because men & women should be equal in the eyes of many feminist. Long story short, capcom poked fun at the matter making controversial/contradictory statements, and then retracted several statements that might have seemed offensive; Ono being amongst the loudest. For this reason, and this reason alone, it became an assumption amongst some fans that poison was infact some sort of cross between a man/woman…even though Capcom as a whole has never come out officially with that.

Poison’s creator , Akira, stated that he never intended poison to be a male character; as a matter of fact…he created her to add variation to a very male cast. However, poison is a VERY popular character due to her mysterious and controversial past, so they never closed the door on that possibility either. They made the smartest (albeit blandast)  PR statement they could “that it was ultimately up to the fans imagination” and that’s were they left it. She can be seen as TG for those that identify with that, or simply as an attractive woman like her palette swap sister from FF, Roxy. Poison is popular with a lot of her fans because of the mystery and history behind the character.

My problem with the “it’s a trap” gag is that it's an old, tired, cliché ! One that is just designed to grief legitimate fans of poison.  It’s just like racist jokes my friends mom used to say…its just cringe worthy and unnecessary! Gamers already have a bad reputation as it is, without this type of stuff. Im not tryin ta bust balls here, but just think about that before making such jokes next times. ;)

Just some food for thought.

SaintOfTheDragons Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
I obviously need to clear a few things up:

- I didn't call anyone a trap.
- I didn't say the model wasn't female. The character isn't. In fact, officially in Japan she is 100% a man, but in fact "simply tucks her business away to look female." (Yoshiro Ono, Street Fighter producer)
- So in any context, I am not incorrect.

Dude, why are you ranting to me about "trap"? Why did you even bring up "trap"? No one here said "trap" but you! Seriously, did you come here just so you could preach to me about the word "trap"? This has nothing to do with anything we said. If you want an audience, just study rhetoric and find a soap box.
martenas Featured By Owner Edited Jan 23, 2015
You seem mad...i wasn't trying to get you all worked up. Just calm down man. Easy...easy...;)

First off, You are the one that inferred everything i went over in your initial statement. I didn't accuse you of anything that you didn't already suggest. Suggesting transsexual women are infact men, is culturally incentive regardless of how you worded it.

Secondly, Ono's statements were not official, were all over the place, and were mostly throwaway (comedic) comments meant to stir the sensationalism around poison...and he eventually retracted all his statements. Not a very reliable source. Besides he is not the creator of Poison, nor was he instrumental in the creation of Final fight back in the 80s, since he joined capcom in the 90s. Try reading everything entirely before you come at me like that.

Posion isn't a dude ! Neither is this model. So whats your point ?
SaintOfTheDragons Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Bro. Don't do that.
I'm not mad, just confused. To say I implied "trap" is a complete misconstruction of my case, as "trap" is a crude and vulgar term with incredible bias that I don't harbor. Honestly, you said it. I am not touching it with a pole. Why would you even bring up this word regarding transsexuals?

Transsexual women are structurally, muscularly and skeletally men. If there were no difference between natural born women and transsexuals, transsexuals would have no problem participating in sports of their honorary gender. It's because one would posses an unfair advantage, due to their physical capabilities. However, that's getting too scientific for this talk. I will address any tangent that arises, but they don't have a place in this conversation about this particular fictional character.

If Ono's statements are unofficial, why would you reference him? After all, it was his decision to just "leave it up to the fans", (along with Akira Yasuda) according to the same Wiki link you posted to me. Why not just quote some Capcom official actually responsible for Poison's gender confusion? Like you said, if it had been up to Poison's creator, she wouldn't have been a transsexual. Capcom seemed (at the time) just about as confused as the general public when it came to Poison.

Additionally, why bug me about being insensitive by "inferring" bigotry toward transsexuals? Capcom outright said it! From the Wiki:
"In early developments of Street Fighter X Tekken, footage was shown of Ryu and Chun-Li's win quotes to Poison (i.e. "Your looks really can be deceiving. I'll be careful not to fall into your trap" and "You're not very lady-like at all! I felt like I was fighting against a guy..." respectively). Other characters were later revealed to have quotes along the same lines, some even worse, including Kuma outright saying Poison smells like a man and doubting she's in any way a woman."

So what is Poison? The world may never know. But we realize this much: it's so potentially devastating to Capcom that they refuse to even own up to it officially.

Why did you even have to do this. This is getting way deep for a response to a two-line comment.
martenas Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015

I actually agree with alot of your statements. ;)
I also agree that arguing over the make believe biological origins of a fictional character (sensationalized by fans) doesn’t hold any weight in reality. Thus rendering any argument to poisons "actual gender” laughable.(However, I would like to point out that transgender women are allowed to participate in the Olympics along side other-women; so long as some requirements (including 2 years of hormone therapy) meet the criteria.

But just to be clear of any misunderstandings: I quoted Posion's creator himself (Akira Yasuda) when i said “leave it up to the individual fans.” He created Posion to be female. But ultimately,  It was out of his hands, through the many failed concessions (wrong or not) capcom tried to undertake in order to appease American (overseas) ports of the game. Ono simply retracted his statements, in order to reflect what Akira said.

I seriously wasn’t trying to piss you off and apologize if I did! I agree, this went too far! Fact is… in this context Posion is hot, and most definitely a woman! Nuff said !Who cares about silly gamer politics right? Take care buddy, no hard feelings ;)

Its-Raining-Neon Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Student Artist
SaintOfTheDragons Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Student Traditional Artist

akuma72 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
wow sexy
egantaeDzigns Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
g1nobleteam Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
Hottest dude or chick ever, joking aside you do look nice as Poison.
toadking07 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Professional General Artist
Knocking them dead! Stunning work!
Venom-V13 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
Awesome pic!
godhi Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Professional Writer
Delightfully sweet and sexy Heart 
matthewwashdc07 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Professional Filmographer
conquest79 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
nice Poison cos
...Oh my.
mikeandsnoop2 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
Baby got Legs! ;)
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